How to get a good price from Yiwu market?

Go to find the best price in Yiwu
How to get a good price from Yiwu market

“The best price” is the most appealing words to you. Anyone come to Yiwu market is eager to find the best price. However, the fact is you are totally strange to Yiwu market, different country, and different language.
Don’t worry, here is the guide for you.

Yiwu agent will help you
A reliable and professional Yiwu market sourcing agent can do a good job for you. Because they know which shop has the best price with good quality. Moreover, many talents there can provide you language service to solve you language problems.
All Yiwu agents just need the reasonable commission. 1%-5% is OK for us. If you want further information, please click Yiwu agent commission.

Large quantity will help you
We say small profit but quick turnover. As everyone knows it is easier to get the lowest price when you want large quantity. If you just buy a few cartons, there would be very limited space for bargain.

Clear off the balance in cash will help you
In the past, you can get slight discount if you can pay off the balance after goods delivery. But now this may only happens if you pay them in cash. That makes them feel safe

Shopping around will help you
There are many shops for the same product. Because of competing you will find the space to bargain even if they are around a fixed price. So it is wise for you to compare the shops with each other, then you can get a better price.

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