Hangzhou Sijiqing Garment wholesale Market

Sijiqing Garment wholesale Market

Founded in 1989, Hangzhou Sijiqing Garment Market locates in No.11-13 Yihanghai Road, east of Qingtai overpass bridge, which is a professional garment wholesale market in China. Specialize in the ready-made garment industry for around 20years, this market has great advantage in sales and up-to-date information, owning a natioanl sales network and overseas markets in Southeast Asia, Europ, and America. It attracts 1100 odd manufacturers of more than 900 brands, with complete garment ranges and sophisticated production. The first two floors mainly deal with popular garments of the trend, while the third floor is for medium and high level brand franchise. The market has an area of 50000 square meters and 3000booths, equipped with logistics, grand electric screens, banks, caterings, and modern communication facilities, etc.

Hangzhou Sijiqing Garment Market plays a leading role among the total 15 markets in Sijiqing Fashion Street. The comodity has a definite display, which can generally be divided into 10 areas. They are women's, men's, children's areas, silk and textile area, boutique clothing area, garment accesories and materials area, etc.

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