Yiwu Sourcing Packaging Tips.

Sourcing Packaging tips
If your goods have already a reasonable price and high quality, you still need a good package! As a reliable agent, we will take good care of your package.
Many buyers, especial the new buyers, they always spend most time on price and quality and ignore the goods’ package.
But a good package is very important for avoiding damage.
For instance, one of our customers from Saudi Arabian orders some crystal cups (for prize). When he pays us the front money, he goes back his country and forgets to tell us the requirement of package. He just tells the factory to pack his goods in their best package. And the boss promises him these goods won’t be broken.
But when the factory delivers the goods to us, we find that the package is not hard enough. We are worried but the boss tells us that he can’t find the package supplier because the coming holiday and whatever he thinks it has packed well.
We don’t say any more because we consider that the boss’ enough experience in cups (for prize) and the client has an urgent need for the cups.
Actually, it is the unique choose for us.
Then the bad thing happens.
When we are on the holiday, the client sends us email to tell us that cups in small and medium size are almost destroyed. We have to help him find the succedaneum and discuss the loss.
Don’t hope the label “Fragile” will save your fragile goods. Depend on my experience, if no one supervises nearby, many workers installing boxes will ignore the label carelessly. They just know how to save their strength.
A lot of workers load and unload your goods in different destinations. You can imagine that how dangerous if your goods in a bad package. You must hope that when you open your cartons in the warehouse, the goods are intact.
All above are our suggestions for you when you purchase goods in Yiwu.
When you talk about the price and quality with the suppliers next time, you must remember to discuss the package with him.

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