How to do QC(quality control) in Yiwu?

Very important for Yiwu QC
QC is one of the most important processes in exporting. You are very happy that a lot of products have already settled down at a reasonable price. The rest you need to do is loading it and shipping it to your place.
But at this time QC is very significant job you need focus on. Because it is in this step your products will finally be in container.
There are many sad stories caused of careless QC that lead to large loss and energy. They mainly have following cases:
1. Quantity: There maybe one or two less in each carton.
2. Quality: The product has been switched. Maybe the quality of the products you received is totally two different levels as you ordered.
3. Packing: The logo and the mark are not printed as you requested.
Some cartons are unsealed
Some fragile products without wood as required.
Imagine these cases happened to you it would be very large loss to you. So how can we get rid of it?
Experience tells us:
1. Open each carton and each pack. You need to check it no matter what promises the supplier promised to you. Wrong color, wrong printing and wrong packing can ALWAYS happen here and there.
2. Let someone who knows your products very much to collect orders for you.
3. Get 3 sets of samples. Sometimes the one who collect the orders is not familiar with the products. At this time, you need to give a sample to the QC people, then he will know what the product is really are. Other one is for buyer, the last goes to factory for production
Hope this can help you and put more emphasis on the QC. If you want further information please contact us.

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