How to ship by FCL and LCL from Yiwu?

FCL VS LCL shipping
FCL means full containers load, LCL means less than container load. Ship by FCL/ LCL from Yiwu to worldwide is very cheap.
The reason you need to choose FCL
1. About the price: LCL is really cheap to ship this out from Yiwu, but the handling charges at your destination fees are usually very high.FCL is much cheaper in a word
2. About security: LCL needs to load with others’ goods, you have to have a mark on each carton in case of mixing with others’. In the contrast, FCL is much more secure.
3. About operation: The process of LCL and FCL is similar. Most buyers will go for a Yiwu agent who can do everything for them: collect goods, do QC, provide warehouse/load men, arrange customs declaration, prepare documents …and follow up the whole process. Besides, get all your suppliers, deliver all your products to your Yiwu Agent warehouse. Finally, get loaded and shipped. The charges of trade agents are usually included in their commission which you both agree
In most cases, you’ll also need a customs clearance agent/forwarder at your destination port to help you with the clearance and handling. Customs and customs clearance agents of your port can help that with no problem.
4. It is easy to fulfill your container even if the goods you ordered are not enough. You have so many choices in Yiwu market of the light products. Like some disposable foam food containers, it is not only can fill the extra space, has a good sale also can protect other expensive products in some degree. So for the FCL, you do not need to worry about the extra space waste.
The reason you have to choose CLC
If you tried but still cannot fill up 15CBM (an experience data), It’s better to ship by LCL

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