How to send a parcel back home from Yiwu?

Let us send your parcel for you
What if you want to buy a lot of souvenir to your friends and family and finally find there is no more space in your luggage? What if you realize the courier fees are more expensive than the goods themselves? Here we would like to help you.
Come to an export agent in Yiwu
The agents in Yiwu constantly have their own partners of couriers like FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, and EMS. And they have agreement discount of it. What’s more, they are experienced to get the most appropriate way both save money and time.
Come to international Express
If you do not come here for business and it takes too big for you to find agent in Yiwu, then call international express. All you need is to call them and let them come to your hotel to collect your parcel
Here are the toll free hotlines:
FedEx: 800-988-1888(for fixed line phones);
400-886-1888(for mobile phones)
DHL: 800-810-8000(for fixed line phones);
400-810-8000(for mobile phones AND fixed line phones)
Tips: Because the courier boy can not speak English, it is better for you to check out all the prices and discounts via phone number or internet.
Come to China Post
You may totally forget the amount of your things you bought when you are shopping because of the cheap price in YIwu market. Then you get a big parcel after you finish. Do not worry about it. Come to China Post will be the best choice if your things are not valuable and you have no need to care mush about the time.
Here is the address for you:
No. 458, Chouzhou North Rd. Below 10 RMB- taxi fee away from Yiwu international city
P.S. Our company is always happy to help you. If you need, please contact us.

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