Guangzhou Market

1.Men & Lady Garments

1)Guangzhou Bai Ma Garments Market  (Men&Lady-High class)

2)Guangzhou Liu Hua Garments Market  (Men&Lady- Middle class)

3)Guanzhou Sha He Garments Market  (Men&Lady-lower class)

4)Guangzhou Garments Morning Market(6:00am—12:00am)

5)Guangzhou Bu Bu Gao Garments Market  (Sweaters)

6)Guangzhou Xin Da Di Garments Market  (Sweaters)

7)Guangzhou Guang kong Garments Market  (Jeans)

8)Guangzhou Kang Le  Garments Market  (Jeans)

9)Guangzhou Sha He Wan Jia Garments Market (sahe Jeans)

2.Children & Baby Garments

1)Guangzhou Zhongshan 8 Road Children Garments Market (Middle & High class)

2)Guangzhou Sha He Children Garments Market (Lower class)

3)Guangzhou Lido Children Garments Market(Mix)

3.Fabric & Curtain

1)GuangzhouZhong Da Market

2)GuangzhouXiong Tian Fabrics and Sewing Machine and Fittings

3)GuangzhouNan Hai Curtain Market


1)Guangzhou Xin Hua Nan Ying DU Shoes market (middle & high class -near baima)

2)Guangzhou Da Xin RoadShoes Market (middle class-near lido market)

3)Guangzhou Da Dao South Hua Nan Shoes Market (lower class)

4)Guangzhou Da Xin RoadShoes Material Market (near lido shoes market)

5)Guangzhou Huan Shi South RoadShoes Material Market (near baima)

5.Daily use products/Kitchen ware

1)Guangzhou Luo Xi Jiao Plastic Market (changjiang market)

2)Pan Yu Kitchenware Market

3)GuangzhouNan Tai Daily Use Market


1)GuangzhouNan Tian Market

2)Guangzhou Gong Ye Da Dao(Big Machine)

3)Guangzhou Hui Fu West Road

7.Lights Decoration

1)GuangzhouNan Tian Market

2)Guangzhou Da Nan RoadTai Gu Lights Market (opposite lido hotel)

3)Zhongshan Lights Market(Biggest and complete market-2 hours from Guangzhou)

8.Bedhotel use products

1)GuangzhouNan Tian Market BEDSHEET Market

2)GuangzhouNan Tai Market (Only for hotel)

3)GuangzhouChang Jiang Market

9. Cosmetic& hair salon use

1)Guangzhou Xing Fa Plaza(Near the old airport)

2)Guangzhou Guang Fu Zhong Roadwhole market

10.Hand bags

1)GuangzhouZi Yuan Gang SAC Market

2)Hua DU Shi Ling Bags Material(Already made also)


1)Guangzhou Yi De RoadToys wholesale market

2)Guangzhou Haizhu Plaza gift market

3)Guangzhou Wan Link Plaza

12.Craft & gift item

1)Guangzhou Haizhu Plaza gift wholesale market

2)Guangzhou Wan Link gifts market

3)Guangzhou Yi De RoadToys wholesale market

13. Household electronics appliance

1)Guangzhou Ru Yi Fang wholesale market(DVD/VCD /SPEAKERS-for family use)

2)Guangzhou Hai Yin wholesale market(MIX)

3)Guangzhou Xing Fa Plaza wholesale market(near airport )

4)Guangzhou Cultural Park electrical market (MP3/hair-drying machine- electrical house)


Guangzhou Nan Fang Da Sha underground mobile market

15.Car accessories

1)Guangzhou Yong Fu Roadwholesale market

2)Guangzhou Guang Yuan Roadmarket

3)Guangzhou Baiyun motorcycle accessories wholesale market

16.Flowers artificial

1)Guangzhou Haizhu Plaza Yijing Garden gift market

2)Guangzhou Huang Sha flowers wholesale market (3 floor building)

17.House decoration/Sanitary

1)Guangzhou Taikang Road wholesale market (all kinds of indoor decoration,UPVC door &windows- lucky building near lido)

2)Guangzhou Nan An Road market

3)Guangzhou Gong Ye Da Dao Shi Xi whole market

4)Guangzhou Huang Shi Roadmarket

5)Guangzhou Yue Xiu Road wholesale and retail market(DOOR /WINDOW)


1)Guangzhou Shahe market

2)Guanzhou Lido market  l

3)Guangzhou Shahe hotel


1)Guangzhou Xiao Gang Roadwholesale market

2)Guangzhou Shi Xi market

3)Guangzhou Nan An Road market

4)FO SHAN Tiles Wholesale market


1)Guangzhou Bao Gang market

2)Shun De Furniture market (1 and half hour from Guangzhou)


1)Guangzhou Shipai West Road Tian He computer market(biggest one)

2)Guangzhou Zhongshan 6th Roadmarket(near lido hotel)

3)Guangzhou Haiyin market(near river)


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