Customs clearance tips for import from Yiwu china.

Three steps drive your shipping problems away
All the businessman come to Yiwu for ordering, However, how to ship the goods to appointed place, what problems will you meet, will your goods arrive in your country safely are all significant problems you need to think.
So a shipping agent or customs clearance will do you a lot of good.

Before Going to China ask them for advice
Different countries have different regulations and limitations for importing certain products. They will depend on your situation offer you a practical method to help you clear the custom.
In that case, it is necessary for you to compare several shipping agents with each other and choose one that does the best of your products
Spending time obtaining details like the certificates customs need and the ways to handle different situations will save you lots of money and time.

Before Placing Your Orders ask them for advice
It is no use that the products you ordered can not pass the customs. Before you placing an order, please do not forget tell them specifically what products are on your list. By doing this, you can know what you're going to order won't be confiscated by the customs. And you don't need to pay extra cost.

After Finishing Loading:
After finishing loading, then comes to many kinds of documents. There are many details you need to communicate with your shipping agent. For instance the requirements needed to meet the regulations. Ensure all your information is correct for making documents.
After this all you need is waiting your goods ship to your place.
Three steps you can beat it upright. Hope you can find a good shipping partner in Yiwu.

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